Areas of Practice

  • Criminal and traffic law
  • Civil litigation
  • Family law
  • Family Violence / Intervention Order proceedings
  • Administrative law
  • Constitutional law
  • Domestic building disputes
  • Contract law
  • Commercial and business law
  • Equal opportunity
  • Human rights
  • Conveyancing – buying and selling houses
  • Wills / Probate
  • Debt disputes

Criminal and traffic law

Access Law conduct criminal and traffic matters and appeals in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court of Australia. Matters include bail applications, trafficking / possessing / using drugs and other drug related charges, dishonesty / theft / deception / burglary charges, assault / violence / damage charges, sexual / molestation charges and statutory breaches including under Workcover, Local Council by laws, Social Security, Migration Act, ACCC and ASIC prosecutions.

Civil litigation

Access Law represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of civil matters including commercial / contractual / banking / credit / debt disputes, motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, domestic building disputes, constitutional, administrative and equal opportunity law.

Access Law also conduct appeals and judicial reviews against decisions by Government officials / judges / tribunals / other powerful institutions and undertake public interest and test cases.

Business and property law

Access Law accept work in business, commercial, contractual and conveyancing transactions.

Family Law and Domestic Violence

Access Law provide advice and arrange Court representation in Family law and Domestic Violence matters in the Family Court of Australia, Federal Circuit Court and Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.